MACTMIL has the knowledge, skills, and tools to repair and care for your firearms.  We work with all types of firearms and perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • CLEANING - Firearms must be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to avoid malfunctions and possible injury.
    • Disassemble
    • Clean
    • Inspect
    • Lubricate
    • Reassemble
  • REPAIR - Repair or replace damaged or defective parts.  We can use factory-made replacements or fabricate our own.
  • CUSTOMIZATION - Add aftermarket parts to customize your firearm.
    • Scopes, optics, and lasers
    • Sling-swivels
    • Recoil pads
    • Stocks
    • Grips
  • REFINISHING - Customize your firearm even further by getting a custom Cerakote paint job.  Click here for additional information.
    • Fabricate one-off or custom parts
    • Build your parts kit
    • Our conversions include the following:
  • Relocation of the trigger/hammer assembly
  • Pistol grip installation
  • Retention of factory trigger guard
  • Installation of the stock of your choice
Additional parts included: hammer, trigger, pins, rear trunion, and pin retainer. Parts not included are: pistol grip, and stock.
  • SAIGA ENHANCEMENTS - Our Saiga enhancements will allow the use of low brass cheap ammo to cycle your weapon flawlessly. Enhancements include:
  • Reprofile bolt and carrier
  • Machine feed ramp
  • Barrel porting

All work is done in-house and local pick-up / drop-off is available in the San Diego County area.  Please Contact Us for an estimate or if you have any questions.